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Lunar Bank - solvency need

The following document serves as documentation for the Lunar Bank solvency. As a financial institution Lunar Bank is obliged to present the solvency need on the webpage.

For questions regarding the solvency statement please contact Lunar Bank CFO, Jonas G. Larsen,


The solvency need is calculated as DKK 98,007,000 at 30 June 2021. With a capital target including regulatory buffers and the minimum requirement of eligible liabilities (MREL) requirement calculated to be DKK 118,814,000 or 53.5 % as per 30 June the excess capital is DKK 168,909,000. The excess capital adequacy is considered to be sufficient to support further development of the bank and future growth ambitions based on the budget.

The solvency need for Lunar Bank is calculated as DKK 98,007,000, specified as

  • Credit risk: 2.5%
  • Market risk: 4.6%
  • Operational risk: 3.9%
  • Other risk: 27.2%
  • Surcharge due to statutory requirements: 8%
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