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Warning letter

Before you can get access to crypto trading in Lunar Block A/S, you will have to read and sign this warning letter. The letter describes some of the main risks of the trading setup and the risk of crypto trading in general.

You are trading via Lunar Block A/S. Lunar Block A/S is not a bank or a payment institute. This means that you have less consumer protection. You cannot compare crypto trading with stock trading or trading with other regulated assets. As the risks are very high, you should only trade with money that you can afford to lose.

All nordic financial authorities have warned against the risk of crypto trading arguing that crypto assets are not suitable for consumers.

The regulation (or lack of regulation) of cryptocurrency or crypto exchanges can change at any time. Any change is likely to affect the value of any cryptocurrency you can buy or sell through us.

The value of cryptocurrency is considered far more volatile compared to traditional currencies which means that the value of cryptocurrency can decay very fast.

This could happen if, for example:

  • a new, better cryptocurrency is created;
  • software developers make unexpected changes to how the cryptocurrency works; or
  • there is a change in cryptocurrency regulation.

The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time. It may even fall to zero. Unlike traditional currencies, no bank or government can stabilize the value of cryptocurrency if it changes suddenly.

Your cryptocurrencies are not covered by the Danish Guarantee Fund.

As the trading takes place in euros you will have an FX risk between your local currency and euro in addition to the risk of crypto in general.

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