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Information sheet – The Danish Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors

Basic information about the protection of your deposits

Name Value
Deposits in Lunar Bank A/S are protected by The Danish Guarantee Fund (1)
Limit of protection: €100,000, per depositor per credit institution (2)
If you have more deposits in the same credit institution: All your deposits at the same credit institution are “aggregated” and the total is subject to the limit of €100,000
If you have a joint account with (an)other person(s): The €100,000 limit applies separately to each depositor (3)
Reimbursement period if the credit institution fails to meet its obligations: 7 working days (4)
Reimbursement currency: Norwegian kroner (NOK).
Contact: Sankt Annæ Plads 13, 2. tv.
1250 København K
Telefon (+45) 33 14 62 45
More information:
Acknowledgement of receipt by the depositor: When you open an account in the bank, you agree that the bank's General terms and conditions of business apply to the account. When you agree to our General terms and conditions of business and use the account, you also confirm that you have received the information contained in the sheet.

More information:

(1) The scheme responsible for the protection of your deposit

(2) General limit of protection
If a deposit is available because a credit institution is unable to meet its financial obligations, depositors are repaid by a deposit guarantee scheme. This repayment covers a maximum of EUR 100,000 per credit institution. This means that all eligible deposits at the same credit institution are added up in order to determine the coverage level. If, for instance a depositor holds a savings account with €90,000 and a current account with €20,000, he or she will only be repaid €100,000.

For more information, please visit

(3) Limit of protection for joint accounts
In case of joint accounts, the limit of EUR 100,000 applies to each depositor.

(4) Reimbursement
The responsible deposit guarantee scheme is The Danish Guarantee Fund (Garnantiformuen), Sankt Annæ Plads 13, 2. tv., Phone (+45) 33 14 62 45, email:, web address: Deposits (up to a maximum EUR 100,000) will be reimbursed by the scheme within 7 working days.

If you have not received the reimbursement within these deadlines, you should contact the deposit guarantee scheme as the period during which a claim for reimbursement may be made may expire after a certain period. For more information, please visit

Other important information
In general, all retail depositors and businesses are covered by the deposit guarantee schemes. Exceptions for certain deposits are stated on the website of the responsible deposit guarantee scheme. Your credit institution will also inform you on request whether certain products are covered or not. If deposits are eligible, the credit institution shall also confirm this on the statement of account.

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