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Lunar Pro Terms of Use

Version 1.0 - Effective from 8th of February 2021

1. Introduction

Welcome to Lunar Pro, a subscription-based product that includes a range of services that together will take your banking experience to an extraordinary new level.

These terms of use complement the separate customer agreement and General Terms and Conditions Private Customers, as well as other contractual documents that apply in the independent customer relationship between Lunar Bank A/S (referred to as "Lunar", "we" or "us"), CVR No. 39 69 76 96, Hack Kampmanns Plads 10, 8000 Aarhus C and you as a private customer of the bank.

By agreeing to these terms of use, you declare that you have read and understood the Pro terms of use.

2. Creation and approval

When you purchase Pro, you will at the moment of purchase be charged for the first month of payment of your Pro subscription. If you do not have sufficient funds available in your account for this payment, your request to purchase Pro will be rejected.

As soon as the purchase of Pro is confirmed, your existing services will be immediately upgraded to Pro such as your debit card. At the same time, you have direct access to all other services associated with your Pro subscription.

3. Prices and payments

The price of having a Pro subscription can be found in the separate document "Lunar Price List". The prepaid monthly Pro subscription fee will be deducted from your Lunar account at the time of creation. The monthly subscription fee for Pro is paid on the calendar day corresponding to the time of creation.

4. Approval of engraving on card

Lunar reserves the rights to decide whether the selected signature or motif can be approved, and Lunar is not obligated to provide a reason for a rejection. If we choose to reject the selected signature or motif, Lunar reserves the right to produce the card without the selected signature or motif.

Do not use signatures or motifs to which you do not have the rights. Motifs deemed offensive or considered to be advertising will be rejected.

Examples of signatures and motifs that will be rejected are:

  • Logos, trademarks, and designs referring to companies, sports associations, and the like;
  • Motifs protected by copyright law;
  • Motifs that can prevent or cause confusion in relation to security features on cards such as the PIN;
  • Political opinions, symbols, organisations, or parties;
  • Religious opinions, symbols, organisations, or persons;
  • Racist, discriminatory, or harmful expressions and motifs;
  • Violence, martial arts, or weapons;
  • Blasphemy;
  • Offensive, provocative, or sexual subjects of any kind, including nudity, either artistic or pornographic in nature;
  • Any typed text in alphabets other than the Latin alphabet (ABC).

5. Right to Withdrawal

You have the right to withdrawal in regards to your purchase of Pro. The right to withdrawal period is 14 days. The deadline is calculated from the day you have accepted these terms of use. If the deadline expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Constitution Day, Christmas Eve, or New Year's Day, you can wait until the following working day.

You exercise your right to withdrawal by notifying us that you wish to withdraw the purchase of Pro before the deadline has expired. This notification must be given in writing and may be given, for example, via the chat function in the Lunar app or by sending us an email. The notification must be sent before the deadline. You can also notify us by letter. For example, if you want to prove that you have cancelled in a timely manner, you can send the letter and save the postal receipt.

Notification that you wish to withdraw the purchase of Premium must be given to:
Lunar Bank A/S,
Hack Kampmanns Plads 10
8000 Aarhus C

If you withdraw your purchase of Pro, causing these terms of use and your access to Pro to be immediately voided, any other agreements that you have entered into through our app in connection with the purchase of Pro will lapse.

By agreeing to these terms of use, you agree that the prepaid Pro subscription fee is non-refundable and that it covers Lunar's costs of card personalisation and administrative costs associated with creating your Pro subscription. At the same time, you agree that any expenses you may have incurred using your Pro subscription and the associated features of the app will not be reimbursed in case of withdrawal.

By agreeing to these terms of use, you also agree that this right to withdrawal will lapse if, after purchasing Pro, you make use of one or more Pro services.

6. Changes, notice of termination, and termination

We may change these terms of use without notice when it is for your benefit. Otherwise, changes will be made with one month's notice. Notification of changes to the terms of use will be made through the app and, if necessary, you must accept and sign the amended terms of use through the app.

Upon termination of your Pro subscription, the notice period is current month + 1 month, after which the subscription and all related services and terms will lapse. Ordering new Pro and replacement cards is not possible when there are less than 14 days until your Pro subscription ends. After the end of the Pro subscription, either the price list for Lunar Standard customers or for Lunar Premium customers will apply to you, depending on your choice when terminating the Pro subscription.

In case you are the principal of one or more shared accounts at the time your Pro subscription expires and Lunar Standard terms apply, all proxy holders will lose their access to these accounts on the date your Premium subscriptions ends. If you are the proxy holder for more than one shared account, you will keep the access to the shared account you first became a proxy holder of and lose access to any other shared account you may have had access to.

If you wish to terminate the agreement, it may be terminated in the Lunar app. If Lunar wishes to terminate the agreement, Lunar must notify you by email, in-app message or by phone.

Termination of your Pro subscription always involves simultaneous termination of your customer relationship with business partners who provide various services as part of the Pro product. This applies regardless of whether you or Lunar terminates the customer relationship.

By accepting these terms of use, you accept that Lunar may charge a fee for termination of your Pro subscription if you cancel your Pro subscription within the first six months of your subscription. The fee for termination of the Pro subscription within the first 6 months can be found in the separate document, "Lunar Price List".

Lunar may always terminate the customer relationship with you without notice in case of misuse or attempted misuse of the Lunar app, the Pro product, or other products. This may be, for example, in the event of your material breach of the applicable terms of use, or unacceptable user behaviour.

In the event that the cooperation between Lunar and partners of Pro ends, we are entitled to move your products, etc. to Lunar's new partner to the extent that this is possible under the applicable rules in this area, and upon obtaining any approval by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and/or obtaining your consent to the extent required.

In any event, Lunar is entitled to contact you through the app to inform you of the termination of the cooperation, so that you are made aware that you will no longer be able to make use of the Pro product if you do not wish to switch to Lunar's new partner.

7. Liability, responsibility, and damages

Lunar is not responsible and not liable for the services, products, advice, features, solutions, etc. provided by our partners to you in connection with Pro through our app. Lunar is also not responsible for, nor is it liable for, the services, products, advice, features, solutions, etc., that our partners otherwise provide to you.

In all cases, Lunar's possible liability to you as our customer is limited to cases where we have acted intentionally or shown gross negligence. However, any liability may not include indirect losses of any kind, including operating loss, loss of business, loss of profit, loss or damage to data, loss of goodwill or the like.

8. Force majeure

If unexpected and extraordinary circumstances occur beyond your or our control that you or we should not have taken into account when establishing the contractual relationship, nor should have avoided or overcome, all rights and obligations of both you and us shall be suspended during the period of the unexpected and exceptional circumstances.

Examples of such unexpected and extraordinary circumstances outside your and our control are the following: strike, lockout, war, boycott, blockade, terror, sabotage, vandalism, including hacking and computer viruses, failure/breakdown of power supply, telecommunications – as well as lack of access to or breakdown of IT systems or data in these systems that can be attributed to such circumstances, regardless of whether it is us, an external supplier or third party who is in charge of the operation of the systems.

Neither you nor we can be held liable for such unexpected and exceptional circumstances and for the economic and non-economic consequences and/or losses associated with it.

9. Validity and version

If one or more terms of these terms of use are found to be invalid, illegal, or otherwise unenforceable, the other terms of the terms of use shall continue to apply in full.

This is version 1.0 of the terms of use, and they replace previous versions and are valid from 8th of February 2021.

Lunar Bank A/S, Hack Kampmanns Plads 10 DK-8000 Aarhus C, CVR nr. 39697696